Where to stay

Soma Bay Resort (http://www.somabay.com)

The ultimate Red Sea destination.

Soma Bay is the ultimate resort village on the Red Sea Coast. The embodiment of peace, luxury, and beauty: Soma Bay is the ultimate escape to enjoy the essence of life and an exploration for the senses. This comprehensive resort destination, located on its namesake peninsula just outside Hurghada, hosts five luxury hotels, spa and sports outlets, residential developments and a stylish marina. With an emphasis on diversity and interconnectedness, Soma Bay has cultivated the epitome of luxury, style, and quality from around the world to create the most complete holiday experience.

Soma Bay is decidedly designed for different tastes, affording an ideal and unique holiday for all.

For those who have grown tired of tradition, suffocated by bustling cities, or simply in the mood for adventure: Soma Bay is a place to escape and explore.