How to get there

By plane

  • Daily flights to and from Athens, lasting approximately 45 minutes.
    • Flights to and from Thessaloniki, as well as connection with the other Ionian islands.
      • Connection with several European cities with  direct charter flights.

      The airport is approximately 2 kilometres from Corfu town.
      (Airport”Ioannis Kapodistrias” Tel. 0030 26610 30180)

      By road transport

      • By the buses of Corfu KTEL, which connect Corfu on a daily basis to Athens, Patra, Thessaloniki and other places in Greece.
      •  By the buses of Paxos KTEL, which connect Corfu on a daily basis to Athens, Patra, Thessaloniki and other places in Greece.
      • The KTEL buses work on a structured network and serve the local transportation needs in the islands of Corfu and Paxos.

      Corfu KTEL Headquarters

      • Corfu Office Tel. 0030 26610 30627,
      • Athens Office Tel. 0030 21 0 5129443,
      • Thessaloniki office. Tel: 0030 231 0 528600 )

      By ship

      • Connection of Corfu to Igoumenitsa, Patra, Saradje Bari, Brintisi, Ancona, Venice.
      • Connection of Paxos to Corfu, Igoumenitsa,  Bari, Brintisi
      • Cruises
      • There is a local connection between Corfu, Paxoi, Othonoi, Erikousa and Mathraki)

      Useful Info

      • Port Authority Office of Corfu Tel. 0030 26610 40002 and 0030 26610 30481
      • Port Authority Office of Paxoi, Tel   0030 26620  32256
      • Port Authority of Patra: 2610 341002, 2610 341024, 2610 341046
      • Port Authority of Igoumenitsa: 26650 22235
      • Bari, Port Authority : 0039 080 5217609
      • Brintisi, Port Authority: 0831 548115, 0831 548534
      • Ancona, Port Authority: 0039071 201708
      • Flying Dolphin . Ionian Cruises Corfu Timetable

      In your own yacht

      If you come in your own yacht  the Marina, Gouvia offers you a comfortable stay, very close to Corfu town, while in the town you can moor off at the NAOK harbour, as well as at the Old Port.

      You can also moor off at Benitses Marina , which is situated not far from Corfu town.

      IKG Marina, Gouvia Tel: 0030 26610 91900 and 0030 26610 91990

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