How to get there

You can get to Mykonos by boat or high speed boat from the port of Piraeus or Rafina, or by plane from Athens and Thessaloniki, while most European airports have direct flights to the island. During your stay in Mykonos, you can move around by scooter, car, bus, taxi, as well as use the small boats conducting routes from beach to beach (sea taxis). We should note here that it is very hard to get a taxi from late in the afternoon to the first morning hours in July and August, so if you want to avoid waiting in line for one, it is better to rent your own means of transportation – a car or a scooter. There are two taxi stations in Mykonos; one in Manto square and one in Lakka, or Fabrika, where you will also find a bus station. Bus routes in Mykonos start every half hour from early in the morning to 1:30 am and service most districts and beaches on the island.

Bus Station : (+30) 22890 23360

Taxi : (+30) 22890 23700, 22400

Routes Information: 14944


Flights to Mykonos:

Most people who visit Mykonos travel there by transfer from Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. The flight takes about 40 minutes. Mykonos has an international airport that receives only a few direct charter flights from other European countries.

Olympic Airlines (Athnes) (+30) 210 9666666,

Aegean Airlines (Athens) (+30) 210 6261000, (Thessaloniki) (+30) 2310 280050, (Mykonos) (+30) 22890 28720

Athens International Airport (+30) 210 3530000

Mykonos Airport (+30) 22890 22327

Ferries to Mykonos:

Many people also travel to Mykonos by ferry. The trip by ferry takes much longer than by plane but many progress has been done in recent years to ameliorate the itineraries. Now Mykonos can be reached in about 5 hours. Ferries to Mykonos leave from the port of Piraeus, to the south of Athens, and the port of Rafina, to the north eastern coast of Attica. The port of Piraeus is connected to the Athens International Airport by regular buses and the subway. You can go to the port of Rafina by bus or by taxi from the airport. There are also ferries from Mykonos to other Cyclades and Dodecanese islands. From Pireaus to Mykonos: There are frequent ship connections during the summer period and sparser ones during the winter.

Distance: 94 n.m. (6 hours)


Harbour Master’s Office Piraeus, tel: 210 4226000

Travel Agency of Piraeus, tel: 210 4124800, 41 7982

Port Authority Piraeus: (+30) 210 4147800

Travel Agencies Piraeus: (+30) 210 4119264, 4125155,4179822

Port Authority Rafina: (+30) 22940 22300, 22487

Port Authority Mykonos: (+30) 22890 22218

Travel Agencies Mykonos: (+30) 22890 24004, 22232


Piraeus Agency: 210 4199000

Rafina Agency: (22940 26239, 26623

Mykonos Agency: (22890) 22322, 28240

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