How to get there

By plane

Patras’ own airport is located on the military base of Araxos (IATA code: GPA), some 50 kilometres to the west, but this receives only seasonal charter flights from various locations in Europe. For regular flights, Patras is served by Athens International Airport, some 250 kilometres to the east.

There used to be a floatplane company, Air Sea Lines, operating DHC 6 de Havilland Twin Otters,however they have gone out of business

By boat

Patras is linked by ferry to the Italian ports of (south to north) Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Venice, with numerous sailings daily year-round. Service to Trieste has been discontinued. Patra also has daily ferries that leave from the old port and go to Kefalonia island and Ithica island.The Italian ferries go to the New Port which is about 4 kilometers from the city center. There is a bus (tickets cost 1.10 Euro)from the port to the main bus terminal and city center however it is sporadic and has no fixed time table. There is a taxi stand at the new port.

For the ferry form Ancona to Patra you will e.g. pay for a single person about 40€ winter/60€ summer. Local ferry services offer daily sailings from Patras to the Ionian Islands. Corfu is served by the International ferries on their way to and from Italy.

By road

Patras, located in the northeastern corner of the Peloponnese is connected to Athens by road via Corinth on the 8a National Road (corresponding to the E65 and E94 European Routes. To the south, Patras is connected by road to Amalias, Pyrgos and Olympia and further to Kalamata. The construction of a new bridge linking Rion (on the Peloponnese) to Antirrion (on the Central Greek mainland) has been in operation since 2004 and carries the E55 European route, linking Patras with points in Central Greece and Epirus (and onward to Albania) including the port of Igoumenitsa.

Bus Near to the old port port and main station lies the intercity bus station

Taxi Taxis in Greece are relatively cheap with the minimum fare costing 3.40 Euro. The rate per Kilometer outside of the city limits is 1.19/km and often for longer trips prices can be negotiated.

By train

Trains south of Patras to Kalamata and Olympia have been discontinued. To go to Athens, the train company OSE has added buses that will take train users from Patra train station to Kiato where they transfer to a train for Athens.

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